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August 15, 2014: Prepared by Stephen Waterhouse, leader of the History of Dartmouth Skiing Project team


To the information website for the Passion for Snow film and Passion for Skiing book 

The Film:  Passion for Snow - 

This 62-minute documentary film was completed in February, 2013 and is available to be seen using the latest digital technology via DVD and .MOV (quicktime) file.  To obtain copies, go to:   http://www.biggreen65.com/passionforskiing.html

The film has so far received these recognition awards from non-Dartmouth connected groups:

1) Emmy Nomination - Documentary of the Year - 2014 - The film was one of seven films nominated for an Emmy by the National Academy of Television - New England  (http://newenglandemmy.org/). The nomination listed five film makers, Stephen Waterhouse (Executive Producer), Lisa Densmore (Producer), Rick Moulton (Associate Producer), Scott Esmond (Editor) and Joe Egan (Sound Editor), but the nomination applies to the entire team involved in the creation of the film.  

2) Outdoor Writer's Association Award - The OWAA (http://owaa.org/) recognized the film and their member Lisa Densmore, the film's Producer, with a 1st Place - 2014 Excellence in Craft Award 

3) PBS Network Screenings - The film premiered on television on all five stations of the Maine PBS Broadcast Network (http://www.mpbn.net/) in December, 2013. It was designated the Maine Film of the Month. During 2014, the initial 2013 PBS screening was followed by PBS screenings in Colorado, New Hampshire, New York, Vermont and other states.  In the Rocky Mountain PBS Region it was selected as one of four films included in their important Ski History Film Series.

4) Special Screenings at the US Congress; The Sochi, Russia Winter Olympics/Paralympics; and Film Festivals - The film has been invited to be screened during 2013-14 in many important locations.

5) Ski History Film of the Year - 2013:  The International Ski History Association (ISHA) recognized the film (https://skiinghistory.org/news/2013-isha-awards) at their annual gathering in Vail CO in April, 2013 as the "best documentary ever made on the history of the ski industry."  Some of the world's leading ski historians and legends of skiing who attended the ISHA Awards Dinner highlighted the importance of this film's story, including legendary historian and ISHA President, John Fry, and ski racing legend Billy Kidd.  

Passion for Snow Premiere Poster 

Three highlight clips from the film can be seen on YouTube at....

3 minutes - fast action highlights - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXOoxFYmrUM

8 minutes - more detailed commentary - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_YXQVXb95Y

2 minutes - Double Winter Olympic medal winners Andrew Weibrecht '09 and Hannah Kearney '15 explain the value of the Hanover community to them - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Z75Olspha4

The Book:  Passion for Skiing -  

The source book (2010, 430 pages) for the film provides more details on the many activities behind the remarkable 100 year history of worldwide contributions by thousands of people associated with a single community in Northern New England.  The book received the Ullr Award from the International Ski History Association (April 2011 in Sun Valley, ID) for providing a significant contribution to understanding how the ski industry developed in to such a major industry in so many countries.  The first 50 pages can be read via searching Passion for Skiing in "books" on Amazon.com

Copies of the film and/or book can be purchased in 3 ways:

1) Purchase at various bookstores and ski museums:    Hanover, NH: Dartmouth Book Store and Dartmouth Coop; Edwards, Co: The Book Worm; Vail, Co: The Gorsuch Store and the Colorado Ski Museum; Aspen, Co: The Gorsuch Store; Northern New England: The New England Ski Museum; The Vermont Ski Museum; and other locations).....  


2) Order copies online by going to the web at:    is  

- payment for the item and shipping can be made via Paypal or Credit Card

-  or go to:   http://www.passionforsnowdvd.com 

or alternatively go to:   http://www.biggreen65.com/passionforskiing.html

NOTE: If you encounter a problem ordering, wish to make a large number of purchases, or are intending to resell via your retail store, please contact Michael Gonnerman at michael@gonnerman.com 

3) Obtain an online digital version of the book: Go to Amazon.com and search their digital book inventory for Passion for Skiing

Passion for Snow, Screenings in 2013 - 2014

The film was first premiered to a full house in the Lowe Theater of the Black Family Visual Arts Center in Hanover, NH on Feb 9, 2013 as a featured event of the 103rd Dartmouth Winter Carnival. The film was also premiered to a full house at the annual Dartmouth Winter CarniVAIL in Vail, CO on March 2, 2013 and featured at the annual gathering of the International Ski History Association (ISHA) and the National Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame (NSSHF) on April 11-12, 2013 in Vail Co. It was then screened in several special events and Film Festivals during the balance of 2013.

  • In the past few months, the film has achieved some additional recognition.  Since premieres in Hanover and in Vail, Colorado, film screenings have taken place in many locations across the world before audiences of Dartmouth and non-Dartmouth interested parties, including in London, Tokyo, The US Congress in Washington DC, The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi Russia, Denver, Dallas, New York, Concord and Waterville Valley, NH The film featured during Film Festivals in Denver, Colorado and Burlington, Vermont.  More screenings have been arranged later in 2014, 
  • Ski historians of the International Ski History Association designated the film as the Ski History Film of the Year-2013... and their President, noted author John Fry, labeled this film  "the best documentary on the history of skiing ever made!"  Ski legend Billy Kidd received a Life Time Achievement Award at this same event and made a number of positive comments during his acceptance speech about the impact of this community on his career as he was learning his early racing skills. 
  • In December, 2013, the 5 PBS stations in Maine provided the film's “television premiere” and designated Passion as their PBS Film of the Month (see comments in Maine's Experience Magazine for December, 2013).  As a consequence of this screening and a similar December, 2013 screening in Vermont, the film was entered in to the 2014 Emmy Award process. The film was selected as one of 7 finalist Nominees to receive the 2014 Emmy Award for Documentary of the Year. Although it was not the final Emmy recipient, this nomination is a great honor in itself as the upwards of 1000 films submitted were tough competition.  The main Passion production team leaders, and some supporters attended the "black tie" Emmy Awards Dinner in Boston on June 7, 2014.  
  • For these same television screenings, the film and Producer Lisa Densmore received an "Excellence in Craft" award from the Outdoor Writers Association of America in the Television/Video/Webcast category of Outdoor Adventure, one of 6 areas reviewed at OWAA's annual conference on May 24 in McAllen, Texas. .
  • All PBS stations in Colorado included the film in their Film Series on Ski History in early 2014.  New Hampshire, many PBS stations in New York State and other states elected to screen the film leading in to or during the 2014 Winter Olympics. New York added the film to their unique joint film data base so all NY stations can pick it up. PBS stations in Connecticut, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, South Dakota, Florida, Michigan, Montana, Wyoming and other states have been considering the film for appropriate time slots. 

  1. Sochi Winter Olympics: The substantial contribution from this one community to winter sports was obvious at the Sochi Winter Olympics/Paralympics where over 40 individuals connected to this community attended as athletes, organization Presidents/Board members, coaches, medical specialists, media commentators or other staff.  And Dartmouth/Hanover connected athletes won 5 medals in the 2014 Olympics, possibly a record for any such community,and produced the best US results ever in Women's Biathlon and Women's Cross Country.  

Future Screening Opportunities

We would be pleased to have suggestions of personal contacts at any appropriate television venue, other screening facility, or Dartmouth Alumni gathering that readers of this page can provide to us. Wherever possible, as an added feature of this project, we seek to use a screening of the film to help raise funds for other non-profit organizations.

Description of the documentary, Passion for Snow, content: 

Based on the book, "Passion for Skiing", the documentary film "Passion for Snow" traces over 100 years of skiing history in the United States with a focus on the many contributions Dartmouth College and its alumni have made toward the formation, growth and ongoing innovations in all aspects of snowsports. The film combines first hand accounts from early pioneers, veterans of the 10th Mountain Division, Olympians, members of the U.S. Ski Hall of Fame and top ski industry and resort executives who explain how the most remotely located college in the Ivy League helped spawn a $25 billion industry in the USA and $50 billion worldwide, and continues to shape it today. "Passion for Snow" is the Dartmouth skiing story as told through both original and vintage interviews and film footage gathered from all corners of the globe. Much of it made public for the first time. Many of the legends of the sport contributed to the film. Through the film, viewers witness the first-ever alpine races in the United States; watch the skiing troops defeat the Nazis during World War II without bullets in their guns; ride the first ski lifts; crack the 100-mile-per-hour barrier on skis; and soar off a ski jump. The film also shows how spending time in snowy Hanover, New Hampshire influenced the life work of many individuals, including children's book illustrator Ted Geisel (Dr. Seuss), former US Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, the outstanding poet Robert Frost and over 100 winter Olympians. It's a story about how passion for a sport combined with education and lifestyle choices have shaped skiing as we know it today around the world.

The Background Behind the "Passion" Story -

The film and the source book are the result of historical research by close to 1000 people worldwide who have been working for 7+ years on the History of Dartmouth Skiing Project.  This research uncovered a unique series of achievements by skiers, businessmen, engineers, doctors, writers, movie makers, and many others from the greater Hanover, NH region, particularly the role played by alumni, staff and students of Dartmouth College and its 3 graduate schools in the development of the modern Skiing Industry.  But importantly, we also include many locals from this community and other individuals like Howard Head who have been influenced by association with people from this community to make major contributions to the development of the greater ski industry.  There is no other example of a single community influencing the lives of thousands of people to build a significant industry with $25 Billion in annual GDP in North America alone.  Amazingly, although some of the specific contributions by individuals were recognized, no one appreciated the range, depth and total significance of this story until this detailed research effort was undertaken. The film and book also highlight selective contributions to other subjects involving winter, snow and mountains... It is one of the greatest set of achievements by people associated with one community, anywhere!

In hindsight, we now recognize that the achievements highlighted are a natural outcome of placing one of the first 9 colleges in what is now the United States of America in a wilderness with winters filled with snow, cold and nearby mountains.  Dartmouth was actually founded in 1769, before the formation of an independent United States.  It was further aided by the development of this college in to one of the top 10 Universities in the US which created the 1st US Graduate Schools of Business and Engineering plus the 4th US Medical School.... all by 1900 when alpine ski sports were yet to be initiated.  Once the greatest of the US Outing Clubs was formed at Dartmouth in 1909, and the evolvement of this community as the US leader of mountain and skiing activities took off.  As the members of the undergraduate college DOC initiated much of early modern skiing, these graduate schools provided alumni who enjoyed playing in snow and who had the necessary educational skills to build an industry.  In addition, the local community had access to special facilities and training much sooner than any other region, leading to many locals becoming part of this industry as well.  

The book and film showings salute many of the greatest skiers of the past 100 years, and provides a summary of how the ski industry of today has come about.  The development of this industry has involved many people from many communities around the world. However, this community, with members of the Dartmouth Outing Club from 1910 (with one of the first Ski Hall of Fame members, Fred Harris, Class of 1911, leading the way), has initiated/led the development of much that one sees or reads about in the modern ski resort today.  Only after reading the Passion for Skiing book and/or seeing the Passion for Snow film, will you appreciate how this entire ski industry has evolved, and understand the long list of contributions from this community leading to more Hall of Fame members, Winter Olympians and participants in every aspect of the greater ski industry than from any other group worldwide.  You should also appreciate that these exploits continue with thousands still involved in all aspects of the industry, and recent alumni/current students still going out in to the world to initiate new things, win medals in recent Olympics, provide services of all kinds and participate actively in this ever evolving story of winter....... 

Additional comments on these achievements and the project team responsible for the book and film are outlined below. 

Background on the "Passion" Project 

The Passion for Skiing Book

The book, Passion for Skiing, was the outgrowth of an earlier book, Dartmouth's Dedicated Alumni (by Stephen Waterhouse, 2004, 330 pages) and discussions with older alumni who experienced much of the basic history of the college's skiing past.  The Passion book was researched by a large team of historians and volunteers. It was written by Stephen Waterhouse with the assistance of some 60 other writers, and published on Feb 12, 2010 at a Reception in the Hanover Inn to celebrate the 100th year of Dartmouth Winter Carnivals.  Forewords for the book were written by ski industry legends Warren Miller (one of the greatest creators of ski movies) and Chick Igaya (Olympic Silver Medal winner, all time record holder of NCAA championships, a Dartmouth Ski Team Captain, and Japan's greatest ski racer).  The book has been on sale via the Internet, at Ski Museums across the country, and at several book stores (including the Dartmouth Bookstore in Hanover, NH).  Sales have been strong, but we recognized that only a limited audience will ever have copy in their hands which is one of the reasons for completing the documentary film.  The book, Passion for Skiing, received the Ullr Award for its contribution to the knowledge of the history of skiing from the International Ski History Association (ISHA) at ISHA's annual gathering on April 2, 2011 in Sun Valley, Idaho and helped celebrate that Resort's 75th Anniversary.  This is just one of the many major ski areas with a substantial Dartmouth/Hanover contribution. 

The Passion for Snow Documentary Film Details -

The film portrays Dartmouth’s amazing achievements leading to the development of the 25-billion dollar a year U.S. ski industry (based on a recent repeat by a special Tuck School Task force of calculations made in a 1990s Mckinsey Consulting study) via focusing on limited number of specific achievements throughout the College’s long history in Snowsports, told using action footage, personal interviews, and visual documentation. Few people appreciate the multitude of contributions to winter snow sports through business, engineering and medicine that have come from alumni/staff of Dartmouth, the Tuck School, the Thayer School and the Geisel Medical School, plus residents of Hanover, NH and nearby townsThis single group has pioneered, developed and shaped the global reach of modern skiing and significantly fostered the sport’s growth in the United States as well as around the world. We believe there is no better example of a college and community using diverse capabilities to provide unique leadership sustained for over 100 years. Here is a representative sampling of those achievements:

· Dartmouth alumni, staff and local residents have dominated the development of ski racing by initiating the first collegiate ski races (1910); participating in the first inter-collegiate racing event (1914); starting the first U.S. college ski team (1921); creating the first alpine races in the U.S. (slalom, giant slalom and downhill from 1925); running the first U.S. National Downhill (Mt. Moosilauke, 1933); building the first U.S. overhead cable ski lift (Oak Hill, 1935); and producing the most athletes/staff for the Winter Olympics 

·  Dartmouth alumni founded or helped develop the most significant U.S. ski areas, including Sun Valley, Alta, Aspen, Vail, Copper, Keystone, and many more; designed mountain ski experiences and equipment to aid them; started the early U.S. ski clothing/ski equipment makers; created early ski retail shops, restaurants and hotels; and built up substantial housing and other facilities in ski resorts.

· Dartmouth alumni started/managed companies that have provided technical support (lift engineering, trail design, snow making and business consulting) to over 450 significant ski areas in the U.S., Canada and other countries.

· Dartmouth doctors/other medical staff have been the most prevalent medical support in U.S. ski communities from 1900, including starting the massive 900-doctor Hitchcock Clinic (1927) that covers needs throughout New England ski areas, and providing participants in the medical facilities of all ski resort communities.

·  Dartmouth writers/moviemakers have been among the most prolific leaders in promoting skiing via stories in magazines/movies, often stimulated by first-time extreme skiing exploits by alumni skiers.

·  Dartmouth has led international developments through racing/training skiers or developing facilities around the globe from Canada (1910s), Europe (1920s),  and Japan/New Zealand/Australia (1930s) to Korea/China (1980s); and even winning the first international race south of the equator (Chile, 1937).

· The National Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame (NSSHF) has inducted 36 of Dartmouth alumni/staff plus another 12 with strong family connections amongst its roughly 400 members. This group of 48 is several times the number from any other institution.

. And if the ski achievements were not enough, the snow and skiing theme has carried over to some additional creations from members of this community like the Christmas stories of "The Grinch" by Ted Geisel (aka Dr. Seuss) and "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" by Bob May; the snow filed poetry of Robert Frost; the modern ballets on skis by Moses Pendleton (MOMIX Modern Dance Company); and the life influences of someone like a legendary US Surgeon General, Dr. C. Everett Koop.


When we started the entire History of Dartmouth Skiing Project, we were told that a total spend of some $1,500,000 would be needed to complete the necessary research, write/produce the book, and complete the film. With mainly pro-bono efforts by the parties directly involved plus the helpful contribution of excellent writing or research from many of the leading ski historians and free use of old film footage supporting our effort, we completed this book and film project for an actual spend of roughly 20% of the normal spend. 

All of the underwriters are listed in the credits of the film DVD.  These include many Dartmouth and non-Dartmouth individuals, foundations and companies who have helped underwrite the project.  Sixteen Dartmouth Classes (1957, 1958, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1971, 1981, 1985 and 2015) have been recognized as making Class gifts thru outright contributions or in other ways supporting this project.  Individual alumni representing over 60+ Dartmouth, Tuck, Thayer and Geisel Classes have supported this project. In the history of Dartmouth College, we are aware of no other situation where such a diverse group of alumni and Classes have participated together in this way to support a project like this.  It seems appropriate as the story being presented provides recognition of arguably the most significant group of related achievements by the greater alumni body of Dartmouth College or any other institution/community over the past 100 years.... and these achievements continue to grow right up to this very day.  


Personal Comment on this Project  By Stephen Waterhouse, Project Leader

In a personal note, the making of the documentary film for Passion brought me full cycle on an event that kicked me in to gear on completing the book, Passion for Skiing (2010; 430 pages).  a number of years ago, I came across an English version of a limited edition re-issued book, championed by a leading contemporary artist and skier, Peter Doig, which outlined the best techniques for skiing in the 1920s. It was based on a German/Austrian ski film ("Das Wunder des Schneeschuhe," or The Wonder of the Skis, that was filmed in 1920-21).  This film and book had been created by early movie maker, Dr. Arnold Fanck, and one of the legendary figures in skiing, Hannes Schneider. They created the first Alpine ski film which showed Schneider's innovative ski techniques and helped the sport evolve from its original Nordic tradition.  Over time, Fanck and Schneider put together several ski films and greatly influenced many skiers. While Schneider was the father of modern Alpine technique, Fanck was, in many ways, the conceiver of the ski film.  So by completing this film, Passion for Snow, I feel that I am paying my respects to the wonderful start that Fanck and Schneider gave to all film makers.

Schneider also partnered up with the another innovator of ski racing techniques, Sir Arnold Lunn of England, to establish racing disciplines that we still use.  They in turn met up with Dartmouth ski racers who went to Europe in the 1920s to compete in events they had helped start. These Dartmouth skiers connected Lunn and Schneider to the folks back in Hanover who were initiating early developments of North American skiing. Because I live half my life in London, England, I ended up having contact with Sir Arnold's family to pursue research for this project.  Schneider was eventually forced to flee from his native Austria in 1938 due to the Nazi actions during WW II.  The fact that he ended up in New Hampshire had to be influenced by his many Dartmouth connections. He started a modern ski school in New Hampshire that has continued to today.  Both men visited friends in Hanover many times which closed another circle on the development of modern skiing.

These, perhaps, obscure facts combined with my own modest knowledge of Dartmouth's early start in skiing over the first 20 years of the 20th Century obtained during my writing and research of Dartmouth's Dedicated Alumni (2004; 320 pages; available digitally via Amazon or in book form from the Passion contacts) led me to the basic question of How important was the Dartmouth and Hanover role in developing what happens in the ski industry of today, or what we define as modern, skiing?  The book, Passion for Skiing, contains the answers to this question, and we hope our documentary film movie, in which both Fanck, Schneider, and Lunn are mentioned, will add to an even greater understanding of these answers.  

We are fortunate to have many Award winning makers of films, particularly ski films, on our team.  If I were to write another book on Dartmouth history, another possible topic would be the influence of Dartmouth connected people in the world of film making. The list is a long one and we mention several, like Walter Wanger, Class of 1915 and an early President of the film industry association, for their contributions to skiing and films in our book. These also include Lisa Densmore '83 (lead Producer of our documentary film ), Rick Moulton (a Hanover native, our Associate Producer and an expert in old ski films), Buck Henry '52 (our film "Narrator" who has an amazing track record as an Oscar nominated writer/actor/Director), Jim Butterworth T '91 (a prolific documentary Producer), Roger Brown '57 (One of the greatest ski movie makers who has recently introduced his new film on Vail Mountain's 50th Anniversary), Nick Brown '90 (Roger's son and a leading BBC documentary maker), and Satchele Burns (Vail Mountain's film specialist) plus many others like Julie Dunfey '81 and Pam Wagner '80 (award winning documentarians who provided advice and support) plus Tom Washing '63Clark Griffiths '57 (Tom and Clark served as Assistant Field Producers) and Jim Griffiths (Assisted with developing the background music for the film plus various administrative decisions).  And of course, we are blessed to have the advice and guidance, where needed, of the master of modern ski movies, Warren Miller, who wrote one of two Forewords for Passion for Skiing. Warren has impacted the growth of skiing worldwide with his amazing ski movie productions over the last 6 decades. Although not a Dartmouth graduate, Warren is one of many with a long involvement with the greater Dartmouth community.  We were also assisted by some exceptional film and still photographers like Cindy Jones, Scott Jones and Jim Wedlake, a great edit team at Egan Media in Burlington, VT and a superb audio recording studio, Echo Entertainment in Los Angeles, CA where we completed the Narration.  

In addition, our ever present administration team helped me to manage what has become a major operation over the past 7 years.  Mike Gonnerman '65, Project Treasurer, and John Walters '62, our lead Funds Collector, were assisted by a long list of other alumni.  Many professionals at Dartmouth College have also generously provided their time to assist us in a myriad of need actions in completing this project, particularly the amazing team at the Rauner Special Collections Library (led by Senior Curator, Peter Carini), The Hood Museum, The General Counsel's Office (led by General Counsel, Bob Donin), The Dartmouth Music Department, The Jones Media Center and many others.

The Film Production Team:

Stephen L. Waterhouse '65 T'67 is an international businessman, author and the film project's Executive Producer.  He is a long time skier in the US and Europe.  After publishing his earlier book on Dartmouth historical figures in 2004, he began to develop some background for the Passion project. In 2007-2008, he explained his ideas and sought help from many ski industry experienced alumni and members of his undergraduate class.  In early 2008, he launched the full project and has managed an ever growing team of some 1000 interested parties, historians and professionals to research the details, write the book and produce the film.  He co-wrote the film script with Lisa Densmore, oversaw the entire film making process, and is leading the film distribution process.  Besides the professional film team, Steve has been greatly assisted by a loosely constructed management team made up of other alumni/non-alumni with an interest in the subject, including several of his 1965 classmates.  Steve lives principally in Hanover, NH, Vail, CO, and London, England.

Lisa Densmore '83 is a multi Emmy Award winning producer and on camera host. She has served as a host of Wildlife Journal and Windows to the Wild, sometimes with Willem Lange '55, which is seen regularly on PBS.  She has made documentaries on important historical ski venues like Tuckerman Ravine, appeared in promotional films for many ski areas, and is a regular participant in ski instructional/technical shows for the RSN ski cable channel. Lisa is also a fine arts photographer of outdoor imagery from flora to people in action on the hiking trails of the world.  Her photography is featured in Backpacker, Vermont Life and Ski Racing International. She has authored several, highly respected books on hiking in the mountains. Lisa has been an active ski race competitor (US Ski Team, Pro Skiing), is possibly the most prolific winner of all time in Masters Ski Races with over 65 US and International Championships to her credit, and has provided promotional support for the Head Ski Company.  In additions to co-authoring the script, Lisa set-up/led the contemporary interview process, and oversaw the creative decision making. Lisa lives in Montana.


Rick Moulton - Born and raised in Hanover, NH, Rick is the son of Dick Moulton, a Dartmouth '49, and Virginia Moulton who feature as the models in the fantastic 1948 Winter Carnival Poster. Rick learned to ski in the Ford Sayre Ski Program in Hanover, and has become one of the most knowledgeable experts on old ski movies in the world.  He has provided access to or knowledge of many of the old films that will feature in Passion for Skiing, the film.  Rick began his career in the late 1960s with the surf films Oceans and Freeform, shot in Hawaii and California; worked as a director for Vermont Public Television in the 1970s; produced the New England Emmy Award-winning Vermont Memories I and II; and as an independent filmmaker in the early 1980s he made Legends of American Skiing, winner of the 1984 Banff Mountain Film Festival. The film was aired nationally on PBS. Since then, Rick has produced a number of ski history documentaries such as Change and Challenge in 1994, Thrills and Spills in 1998 and a recent documentary on Lowell Thomas. Rick has a deep interest and extensive experience working with vintage ski film. He set up the Care Collection Archives for the New York Public Library, and serves as a film consultant for the film archives of the U.S. National Ski Hall of Fame as well as for the restoration of films in the archives of New England Ski Museum. We leaned extensively on Rick’s knowledge of available film that might fit our needs, and used his editing talents to oversee the work at Egan Media where the film was actually put together.  Rick lives in Burlington, VT.

Buck Henry '52  -  Buck's long career in the film industry brings a level of professionalism to our end product thru his "narration" of the story we tell that is awesome.  Buck's career in television included serving as cast member of The Steve Allen Show and That Was The Week That Was; co-creating and writing Get Smart with Mel Brooks; and initiating Captain Nice and Quark.  Over the years, he has appeared on many TV shows like Will and Grace, The Daily Show, 30 Rock, and Hot in Cleveland.  He has hosted Saturday Night Live 10 times, out done only by Steve Martin and a couple others. His film career is too long to list totally here but includes Catch-22, The Graduate, The Player, and Grumpy Old Men.  He co-directed Heaven Can Wait and the remake of Here Comes Mr. Jordan.  His writing credits include Candy, The Graduate, The Owl and the Pussycat, What's Up Doc, Catch 22, The Day of the Dolphin, Protocol and To die For.  He shared two Oscar nominations for the screenplay of The Graduate and co-Directing Heaven Can Wait.  He was recognized by BAFTA with a Best Screenwriter Award and at the Austin Film festival with their Distinguished Screenwriter Award. On Broadway, his credits include the revival of Morning's at Seven and Mother among other projects. See his reading of Dr. Seuss's Lorax story on YouTube. And this is only a partial list.... Buck is one of many who have helped with this project despite not being skiers, and some actually hating cold weather. Buck lives in Los Angeles, CA and New York, NY.

Jim Butterworth T'91 - A graduate of Georgia Tech and Dartmouth's Tuck School of Business, Jim is one of the pioneers in the development of streaming audio and video over the Internet. He is also the producer and director of Seoul Train, founder and principal of Incite Productions, as well as being a technology entrepreneur. Seoul Train was his award winning debut film that told the story of North Korean refugees secretly escaping in to China to try to avoid the harsh life in their homeland, only to be captured by the Chinese and returned to Korea to face an uncertain fate.  This involved filming in closed off North Korea with secret cameras and securing damning footage of Chinese brutality to these North Korean émigrés, facing considerable personal danger. Jim unleashed another amazing documentary called War Don Don on HBO2 in September 29, 2010; served as Executive Producer for first time film maker Rebecca Richman Cohen’s story of the war crimes trial of Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebel leader Issa Sesay in the Sierra Leone. At last report, he has a dozen other documentaries released or in various stages of development. Jim has been a valuable member of the Executive Committee for the Dartmouth Club of the Vail Region for several years.  During the research for Passion, he teamed up with Tom Washing '63 to organize the filming of interviews with alumni skiing legends like John Litchfield '39 and former Dartmouth ROTC leader, war hero and long time Vail Mountain Manager, Sarge Bill Brown.  Clips from these interviews will feature in Passion the film.  Jim lives in Colorado.

Roger Brown '57 has created some of the greatest pure ski movies of our time.  Roger plus his long time business partner, Barry Corbet '58, dazzled audiences with their unique films. Their innovative camera and editing techniques brought a new excitement to the adventure film industry with Award winning movies such as Ski the Outer Limits, Moebius Flip, and The Great Ski Chase.  All are available on DVD today. Roger has also made many, many promotional movies for Ski Companies across the country.  Currently, Roger has just completed a film to celebrate Vail's 50th Anniversary, Vail: The Rise of America's Iconic Ski Resort, to celebrate the opening of Vail Mountain in 1962. He receives regular advice from his film industry sons, like Nick Brown ’90, who is a highly successful movie maker for the BBC in England.  Roger lives in Colorado.

With the help of Roger, Satchele Burns (Vail's highly skilled, professional staff movie maker) and the Vail Management team, we had the opportunity to film some of the Dartmouth activities at CarniVAIL over the past 3 years for use in the film as well as the Vail 50th Anniversary film. You can see some of Satchele’s work where he films some freestyle skiers strutting their stuff in Vail’s Special Riding Park on the link http://www.freeskier.com/videos/video.php?video_id=2859  Satchele lives in Vail.

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